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Miss USS Topeka 1946

Miss USS Topeka 1946 was selected by a vote of the crew of USS Topeka, CL-67, from photos submitted by the candidates. The winner was Miss Verda Brunkow of Topeka, Kansas. She was an invited guest aboard Topeka in 1946, and attended the CL-67 reunion in Topeka in 1974 as the guest of honor. Verda now resides in Las Vegas and according to her son, is as beautiful now as she was in 1946.

Many thanks to Don Deveny, Verda's son, for bringing this to my attention and providing all the photos and information.

The Winning photos

On board USS Topeka CL-67 in 1946

Congratulation letter from the Mayor of Topeka

Clip from the Topeka Capitol-Journal August 5, 1974
CL-67 Reunion

Verda Brunkow Deveny at the CL-67 reunion in 1974
From the Topeka Capitol-Journal August 5, 1974