Reunion Association Newsletter
Volume 15, No.2 June 2004

Jerry Judge, Chairman, Board of Directors; John Reynolds, President; Jack Timmons, Secretary-Treasurer; Max Kaster, Reunion 04 Chairman; Kathy Spatz, Newsletter Editor; Ken Noble, Web Master

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Imagine my surprise on Memorial Day weekend as I awoke to the shrill sound of a bos'n whistle and my wife screaming "hit the deck sailor'.  I looked out the window and their Anchored 500 yards from my front door was the USS Sacramento.  I later learned that the Sacramento AOE-1 was a single supply system originated by Admiral Arliegh Burke.  It combines the function of three logistics ships in one hull; fleet oiler (AO), ammunition ship (AE), and refrigerated stores ship (AFS).  She has a top speed of 30 knots and is classified as a Combat Support Ship.  Her engines came from the, never completed, battleship Kentucky and delivered in excess of 100,000 shaft horsepower to two 23-foot screws, the largest on any ship in the Navy.
On Memorial Day we had a great parade honoring Sergeant Brian Wood who gave his life for his country when his Humvee hit a land mine in Iraq, and Capt. Mike Manazir, the skipper of the Sacramento, was the Grand Marshall. 
The Elk's Club hosted the sailors of the ship, and all veterans to a Bar-B-Q, free beer and all, bet you can't guess where I was?  Yes we had a great  Memorial Day in Redondo Beach, and it was great to celebrate it with the crew of this great ship, and to remember all the sacrifices our great military  men have made since the beginning of our country.  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day as we did.  See you in Charleston.

John Reynolds

New Members (Since APRIL)

Kenneth Weaver BM2 (61-62)Colorado Springs, C0
James Gallagher DKSN (63-65) Lawndale, CA
Cliff Reymann MM3 (66-68) Kintnersville, PA
Doug Milbrath MM2 (66-68) St Frances, MN
Bob Nelson LT (61-63) Santa Barbara, CA
Kenneth Baquet LCPL (61-63) Chase, MI

Binnacle List

Kenneth Noble (59-63), Broomfield, CO
J. W. Perkins (63-65), Megargel, TX


Stephan Archbold SKSN (60-63) Feb. 11, 2004 Granville, NY
Thomas Arnold MM3 (65-68) March 18, 2004 Spokane, WA
Joe Buda GMC (60-62) May 31, 2004 Garden Grove, CA
Thomas Harris CSCS (65-67) Tallahassee, FLA
Eugene Ray DT1 (65-67) Bremerton, WA
Richard G. Young DT1 (60-??) April 6, 2004

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